‘Red Dress’ Is First New Lilacs Music Video in 25 Years

In a nice bit of Lilacs kismet, the fellow who shot and edited the Lilacs video at The Lilacs Reunion show at the Metro in March 2017 sent through the finished version just a couple days before the band’s triumphant return to Chicago for a gig at the Heartland Cafe on April 21, 2018. The year wait was kind of worth it!

“Red Dress” is not the song I would have chosen for such an honor, and for reasons probably related to time and copyright, the part of the song I like best – ie, the ending I stole from Paul Weller – is not included. But the guy who made the video, Travis Hawkes, did a great job of capturing the energy and fun of that very special night.

At the end, you can see some nice post-show footage of the band mingling with the crowd and the lovely part is that some of the faces are the same as from our Stanza video, also shot at Metro, 25 years earlier.


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