Geddy Lee Memoir Is Surprisingly Excellent

I reviewed the memoir of Rush bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee for Rock and Roll Globe. No need to repeat what I said in the review — if you wanna know, read it here. But I loved it a ton and I’ll add that I’ve since bought the book for a dozen friends and a shocking percentage winded up appreciating it as much as I did. It basically combines my twin obsessions—classic rock and Holocaust remembrance—in a surprisingly lively read.

Another interesting note here is that I was never a big Rush fan. I admired the hits and the musicianship, but prog rock in general is not my thing. As I read the book—listened to it actually, on a long solo drive from Delaware to Miami—whenever Geddy mentioned a song, I’d pause the book and listen to the song he was discussing. It really enhanced not just the book but my appreciation of the band.

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