Ken Kurson Appears on CNN to Discuss Generation X Investing

This is from CNN’s “Business Day” program and aired on February 26, 1996. I got engaged three days later.

The host said that I wrote a column for Worth magazine about young investors. That wasnā€™t accurate ā€“ I didn’t write about young people in Worth. But I did write for Worth (about investors having problems with their financial services companies), and I did write about young and inexperienced investors (for Green magazine), so it was close enough.

I cited a Kemper/Roper survey that said Gen Xers save a greater percentage of their income than Baby Boomers had.

For some reason my voice feels really off to me. At that time, I was appearing every single Friday on CNNfn and sometimes got the coaching that I was speaking too quickly for “the Midwest” to follow. That’s absurd ā€“ I’m from Chicago! But when I got the “call up” to CNN proper, I thought I’d slow it down a bit. So I think that’s why I sound strange. The host makes a joke at the end, “As we all know, prices are set at the margins.” I didn’t get it then, and I don’t get it now. But what the hell, she kept the conversation going.

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