Brian Stelter and Ken Kurson Go At It Over Media Coverage of Trump

I remember starting this Reliable Sources appearance in July 2017 by giving Brian Stelter a cigar to congratulate him on the birth of his new daughter. It got rougher from there.

I have always respected Brian Stelter, who has been a reporter for a long time, not only a tv guy. But man he really does like to get in my face. At least on this appearance, it was one-on-one. Several other times, I’ve appeared on his show and it’s always two people who hate conservatives plus Brian so it’s a little bit like the scene in the Cape Fear remake where Nick Nolte hires two thugs to assault Robert De Niro. He holds his own but the next day looks like he went through a wood chipper.

It’s interesting about these appearances in particular. Because they tend to be contentious, I guess, a lot of people post them on YouTube and elsewhere. And how they characterize what transpired depends entirely on the ideology of the person posting it. The clip below is from a pro-Trump site so the appearance is characterized with my point of view. But anti-Trump sites will post the same clip and describe how I got “owned” by Stelter. Perspective is everything.


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