Ken Kurson on MSNBC December 8, 1996

I remember this appearance more than most because it featured one of my all-time worst outfits.

This is the “jeans and a sportjacket” look done badly by Huey Lewis in the 80s and working far less well for me a decade later. My goatee, my haircut, the sideburns … all disastrous. But the worst is that undershirt. Plus fat. I hate the way I look here.

I’m talking about Alan Greenspan’s “remarkably direct statement” which I characterize as coming from a Fed Chairman we’re “accustomed to hearing make only the most amorphous pronouncements.” This is just absurd. I was 27 years old. The idea that I had some meaningful insight to share with the then new network’s viewers is just preposterous. I did my best and always prepared the best I could, but I did feel self-conscious even as I was talking.

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