CBS This Morning Interviews Ken Kurson About Teen-Ager’s Stock Hoax

This is a national appearance on CBS This Morning, talking about the hoax I had exposed regarding a teen-age investment club. Even though it looks like I’m speaking to an interviewer, I actually taped this alone in a room at CBS in the middle of the night with some random producer on the other end of the phone.

It was eerie. I was sitting there on this giant vacant set and I really did feel the weight of being on West 57th, maybe the most famous television news location in the world. I had been there before, but that was my first time as an editor in the news business. The tech person who set me up pointed to a wall display that she called a reproduction of the famous backdrop that Edward R Murrow had ordered and the sound guy stopped her and reverentially said, “That’s not a reproduction, that’s the real thing.”

It was nice. My maroon Burberry tie on pink shirt held up well during taping, too, considering that it was like 1 in the morning. I probably should have invested in a comb, though.

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