Mustachioed Ken Kurson Gets ‘Owned’ By Brian Stelter on CNN

This appearance on ‘Reliable Sources’ from November 2016 features my Movember in nearly full bloom. This was actually a rather friendly and uncontentious appearance—Trump hadn’t even been inaugurated yet. So I don’t really know why the “Onthemarket blog” that posted this characterized it as me “getting owned” by CNN host Brian Stelter, but who am I to question onthemarket’s conclusions?

My posture here is atrocious. When they show that two-shot with me in profile, I look like Half Ton Teen.

This was the appearance in which I first noticed a funny habit of Stelter’s. He is an avid Twitter user with a strong following of more than half a million. But I didn’t realize just how addicted he is to tweeting during the show and interacting with his fans. When there are commercial breaks and his producers are firing thoughts into his earpiece, he’s digesting what they say and taking notes, but also checking Twitter like a madman to see how he’s doing and filter in the thoughts of all his fans.

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